Overall objective of the project: The scope of this project was to build a management information system that would facilitate the data entry process of Vocational Education schools as well as Vocational Training Centers data in Albania, and that could also provide the MoE (Ministry of Education) with aggregated reports.

Main beneficiaries of the project: Ministry of Education (MoE) in Albania, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth (MoSWY) in Albania, prospective Vocational education students in Albania, etc.

Project summary:The system provides a web based user interface for VET school and VEC directors to input periodic data for submission to the MoE’ Vocational Education Development Sector (VEDS). The recent updating of the system and its transfer online, has so far made communication between schools and MoSWY easier, standardized information packages and supports better internal and external reporting. The user interfaces for data entry, reporting, and administration are built upon a database which handles data storing and management.  The system allows for relevant data to enter in an aggregated format per data entry period at VET school level; i.e. student attendance information for female students is entered in an aggregated format by data entry period and profile of study within each field; likewise, data is entered for all students. Investments/collaborations/contributions and student employment information can be entered in a similar manner.

The data entry platform is organized in two main components:

  • VET MIS: General School Information, Teachers, Student Attendance, Laboratories, Investments/Collaborations/Contributions, and Alumni and Employment.
  • VEC MIS: General VEC Information, Instructors, Courses Calendar, Laboratories, Investments/Collaborations/Contributions, and Alumni and Employment