Millennium Challenge Threshold Agreement - Albania

The Millennium Challenge Albania Threshold Agreement” project, administered by USAID, and implmented by Chemonics International aimed to reduce corruption and improve performance in three key areas of public administration:  i) Tax administration 2) Public procurement 3) Business registration. The project addressed the lack of transparency and public scrutiny that have defined many economic activities in Albania in a two-pronged approach that involves process reform through legislative enhancements and IT solutions, as well as country-wide public education campaign, and promotion of civil society watchdog activities.

The MCC Albania Threshold Program II (2008-2011) supported reforms in the i) Tax Administration, ii) Business Licensing iii) Territorial Planning, and iv) Private Sector and Civil Society Engagement.

IDRA was the main local subcontractor in this project:

  1. Designed a Monitoring & Evaluation system for the project lifespan,
  2. Prepared and led a set of business surveys which provided benchmark indicators to measure the progress in three component areas as well as to determine receptiveness of businesses to initiatives and innovations supported by this project,
  3. Developed and conducted an interactive training program for all NRC staff, including municipality service window clerk candidates. The two-week training program featured legal and procedural aspects of the new law “On National Registration Center“ and concentrated on practicing the new online system with both real and simulated cases. In addition, the interactive CD with all training materials, provided by IDRA, made possible for the NRC to conduct its own formal training of new staff in the future,
  4. Led the evaluation of the e-tax system in Albania and prepared a report for all stakeholders.