Local Government Project in Albania

USAID/Local Government Project in Albania followed as a continuation of previous USAID/LGDA (2004-2007) working with 10 Municipalities throughout Albania to foster local economic growth, improve local governance, strengthen civic and private sector engagement in local development.

From 2006‐ 2011, IDRA has conducted large scale survey of more than 3800 citizens in 10 beneficiary municipalities of LGPA project (target Municipalities) and 1000 citizens in ten other municipalities, non-beneficiaries of the LGPA grant (control municipalities). The aim of the surveys was to:

  1. measure resident’s satisfaction with services provided by the municipality and overall performance of local government administration,
  2. Tracking progress done by municipalities during the years,
  3. Comparative purposes between donor recipients vs. non recipient municipalities.


Key survey indicators included:

  • Satisfaction with services (Maintenance of roads, drinking water supply, sewage service, street lighting, cleaning service, maintenance of pre‐university school buildings, public services satisfaction index and overall evaluation)
  • Accountability and responsiveness (behavior of municipal employees, timely service, office hour’s convenience, ability to solve problems/give answers to residents, easiness to contact the right person, clear and exact rules and procedures in wording, performance in general responding to residents, a feeling of trust and confidence, administration services residents satisfaction index and overall evaluation, local government welcomes residents’ participation in municipal decision making, local government offers free and easy access to information, etc.)
  • Local economic growth issues (promising sectors for the municipality, involvement of local government in economic growth, local government borrowing).