Front Office - Back Office Feasibility Study - ADISA (Albania)

The consortium composed by Ernst & Young and IDRA has just been awarded a contract from Central Financing and Contracting Unit (CFCU) / Ministry of Finance (Albania) on "Feasibility Study on Implementing Font-Office-Back Office Separation" 

The project was undertaken in the context of the program “Innovation against Corruption: Building a Citizen Centric Service Delivery Model in Albania (ISDA)” launched by the Government of Albania in 2014. The main aim of the project is to contribute in combating corruption and increasing the quality, transparency, accountability, efficiency of public services delivery by assessing the feasibility of separation of Front-Office from the Back-Office in central government institutions; assessing the viability and implementation of centralized service windows for multiple institutions and of separated Front Office management through outsourcing. It was implemented by a Consortium composed by Ernst & Young and IDRA Research & Consulting during the period March – September 2016.

The project includes the following tasks:

• Identifying the current managerial, operational and legal issues relative to service delivery in the selected 15 central institutions. Among these institutions are: i) Social Insurance Institute, ii) Property Registration Office, iii) Civil Registry, iv) Business Registration Center, v) Road Transport Directorate, vi) Obligatory Health Insurance Fund, etc) . The analysis included stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities in the current FO-BO interaction, service delivery standards, provision of information, mechanism of handling of complaints on service delivery; as well human resources, including work load, compatibility of qualifications with job requirements, level of training;
• Conducting an on-site comprehensive assessment of the offices/service windows of the selected institutions, in Albania, which cover all facets enabling service delivery to citizens in these locations, including but not limited to the physical infrastructure, equipment, IT, personnel.
• Preparing an editable financial model with economic, legal, and technical inputs to assess the financial viability of the scenarios under review, using the existing cost and revenue information obtained during the assessment, as well as the projected 5 (five) year capital investment requirements;
• Providing a brief on successful relevant examples of outsourcing as well as centralization of the delivery of administrative services in European countries, as well as countries with comparable experience to Albania;
• Preparing a current map of service windows for central government institutions in Albania, including GIS information for;
• Review existing arrangements with other authorities and governmental entities which may be impacted by project implementation, and suggest appropriate actions in this regard;