Overall objective of the project:

The “Citizen Voice survey” on the Territorial and Administrative reform was launched by the Albanian government with the financial support from the STAR Project 1 (Support to Territorial and Administrative Reform). In accordance with law Nr.8652. “ On Local Government Organization and Functioning”, the Albanian Government has undertaken a project aimed at creating a structured platform for gauging the Albanian citizen’s opinion on the territorial reform which has been put forward. More specifically this survey gathered national representative data on: a) Citizen knowledge on different aspects of the reform, b) The extent at which they support or not the need of a reform in principle, c) The extent at which citizens support or not the specific government proposals for the new administrative division of Albania, d) Why citizens support or not the administrative reform, e) Perceptions on the problems that local governance is facing in Albania.


Project summary:

The project included a large survey of approx. 16,000 interviews with adult citizens of 18+ years old (N=200 per functional zone / 81 proposed functional zones).   Each of the proposed zones was analyzed separately with several indexes of “Knowledge of the reform”, “Support for the reform”, “Support for the specific division” etc. The report was presented to Albanian Parliament.

A webpage (reforma.idra.al) was developed by IDRA DiGIS programming experts in order to present results of this research project. Results on the level of citizen support to 3 options (39, 47, or 61 units) of administrative division were associated with Interactive maps.


1. The STAR project is implemented through a fund created by several donors as well as with the managing mechanisms of the UNDP in Albania. The Project aims at assisting and mobilizing all human resources, as well as logistics needed for the implementation of the territorial reform. STAR is financed from the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (SAID), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, USAID and the UNDP.