During 2018, IDRA Research & Consulting conduced the data collection in Albania for World Justice Project "Rule of Law Index 2019”

The Rule of Law Index 2019 presents a general overview of the rule of law in 126 countries of the world, using as indicators of measurement 8 factors: constraints of government powers, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil and criminal justice.

Denmark is ranked first in this index by 0.9 points out of 1, while the last one in the 126th position is ranked Venezuela with 0.28 points (zero is the lowest rating and 1 is higher).

Albania ranks 71st out of 126 countries with 0.51 points, maintaining the same position as the last year.

On this assessment, Albania is included in the yellow zone, with weak law enforcement, at the same level with other Balkan countries, South Asia and South America countries.

Regarding the region Albania is 7 positions above Serbia and respectively 15 and 11 positions below Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Albania is perceived to have the highest corruption in Europe and the region. Bosnia is 72nd, Macedonia 62nd and Serbia 73rd.

The enforcement of regulations also has received negative ranking, where Albania is at the 100 position, instead of 97 from a year ago.

Order and security rank in 31st place, with a significant improvement from a year ago, followed by fundamental rights, at 49th place. For the restriction indicator in the government's power, Albania is ranked 79th. For the open government index it is ranked 77th.

The study for Albania was made up of 1000 randomly selected respondents, national representative.

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