More than 50% of women and girls who have been victims of harassment do not report because they are of ashamed or afraid that people will judge them or their families.

This is one of the findings of the third study on “Sexual Harassment and other Forms of Gender based Violence in Urban Public Spaces in Albania, conduced by IDRA Research & Consulting and UN Women.

This study looks at the different dimensions of sexual harassment and other forms of gender based violence against Albanian women and girls in urban public spaces particularly in the cities of Shkodra and Korça. It focuses primarily on women and girls’ perceptions of safety and the impact this issue has on their lives, as well as the forms of violence they experience and what strategies they have at their disposal to cope with the violence. The report also contains general and specific recommendations for each of the municipalities involved in the study in order to improve the conditions and take the necessary measures and actions to turn the studied areas into safe areas for women, girls, boys and men.

All findings presented in this report are a result of: 500 survey interviews in the two municipalities (Shkodra and Korça), two Focus Group Discussions with 16 participants and two Structured Observations.

Full report: