Student Protest and the Pact for University

IDRAPOLL has recently conducted a survey with members of the online panel asking for their opinion on the issue of student protest and the "Pact for the University", an agreement offered by the Albanian government for protesting students as an affirmation of meeting their demands and further. The survey was conducted online through the IDRAPOLL platform. In total this survey was answered by 563 panelists. To ensure that the results are representative, we have applied weighing by district, area of residence, age and sex. It is noted that the results presented for this survey are representative only for ages 18 to 44 years. Ages over 44 are not represented and are removed from the calculation of the results. The error tolerance for these results referring only to this age (18 - 44 years) is ± 4.1% with confidence interval 95%).

The question addressed to the panelists asked for their opinion on two issues: i) Whether the government has or has not meet the student requirements and ii) if the student protests should continue. The results are presented in the following infographics.

                              /files/infograph eng.png

About 31% of respondents agree with the statement that the government has met the requirements. Of these, 17% think that "students have to stop the protest" against 14% who think that "the protest must continue since they can fulfill more than these demands." On the other hand, 65% of panelists agree that the government has not met all the requirements, of which 41% agree with the view that "students must continue the protest" versus 24% who think that "students should return in lesson" .