For the first time in Albania, municipalities will be able to manage all necessary information for the management and monitoring of irrigation and drainage systems, as well as related processes, thanks to the establishment of two important tools such as the "Irrigation and Drainage Management Information System (IDMIS)" and the "Master of Water" application.

This is made possible by the World Bank-funded pilot project "Technical Assistance for Monitoring and Evaluating Irrigation Performance at the Municipal Level," which has been implemented in four Albanian municipalities: Divjakë, Lushnje, Roskovec, and Konispol, thanks to the collaboration of IDRA Research & Consulting and ME&A.

Immediately after that, was successfully completed the project "Mapping and evaluation of irrigation and drainage infrastructure in municipalities with high agricultural intensity in Albania". This was another World Bank project entrusted to IDRA Research & Consulting, with the main goal of updating geospatial irrigation and drainage information to improve the management of irrigation and drainage schemes in 31 municipalities in Albania.

A field audit of irrigation and drainage canals (primary and secondary), as well as assets along the canals, was conducted for both of the abovementioned projects. Field auditors, in addition to controlling functionality, collected data on irrigation schemes, water masters, jurisdiction, reasons for the canal, and asset malfunctions, and documented them with relevant photographs. The audit process was then followed by the process of digitalization in GIS and validation of information with each municipality.

The last process involved developing maps and layers in GIS and submitting them to the respective municipalities. The final deliverables were particularly valuable to municipalities that were still working with outdated inventories and maps that did not reflect the current situation on the ground.