IDRA Research & Consulting, as part of an international consultative group, is conducting the IPA project "Implementing Civil Service Reform in Public Administration" funded by the European Union.
One of the activities under this project was the training of members of the Evaluation Committees, responsible for the recruitment process in the civil service. Part of these committees are representatives from the Department of Public Administration, the Prime Minister's Office and the line of ministries. More than 40 representatives were trained in two groups, during 17-18 and 20-21 of June.
The purpose of this training was to improve the capacities of the members of the Evaluation Committees in the recruitment process as well as increasing recruiting skills consists in improving the way a member of the Evaluation Committees should interview candidates on the skills and interaction of social tire. The training aimed to identify and analyze the personal profile of candidates as well as how they comply with the position requirements in the public administration. The training had a combined theoretical and practical approach where during the module the participants were introduced to the analysis of the profiles according to DISC theory and the characteristics for each of them, and in the second part there were some practical exercises regarding the evaluation of the candidate's behavior.
Expanding capacities of recruitment staff in central institutions in the field of recognizing candidates' personality is an innovation in the Albanian public administration and aims to increase the quality and compliance of young employees with the needs of the administration.