IDRA renews ISO 20252 2012 certifications “For Market, Opinion and Social Research Management System” and ISO 9001 2015 “For Quality Management System”
Since 2017, IDRA Research & Consulting has taken a step forward in the standards and quality of research and consulting in Albania and Kosovo by undergoing the audit of the EQSC (European Quality and Safety Control) body on meeting ISO 20252 2012 standards “For Market Research, Opinion and Social Research Management,” and ISO 9001 2015 “For Quality Management System.” During this period, we have once again confirmed the fulfillment of these standards for all stages of market research and development consulting, and we have extended the term of these certifications until 2023.
These standards are a guarantee for customers and citizens about the quality, integrity and professionalism of market research leadership and development consulting, guaranteeing the implementation of the same protocol as the world's best companies in these areas.
There are four sections that cover the whole process of a research project, which are subject to audit for these standards. These sections are:

  • Management systems
  • Data collection
  • Data management and processing
  • Data reporting

IDRA as part of ESOMAR will continue to improve these services by always keeping pace with technological developments without compromising in any case the ethics and integrity of our work.