IDRA and UN Women publish study on Gender Based Violence in Urban Spaces


IDRA Research & Consulting completed the publication of the study "SEXUAL IMPLEMENTATION AND OTHER TYPES OF GENDER BASED VIOLENCE IN PUBLIC SPACE IN ALBANIA" which was carried out with the close support of UN Women Albania and the Swedish Government.

The study focuses on the safety of urban areas in the municipalities of Tirana, Durrës and Fier and examines the different dimensions of sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence against Albanian women and girls in urban public spaces, focusing mainly on perceptions of women and girls regarding the security and impact that this issue has in their lives. The study also reveals the forms of violence they experience, the strategies they have available to cope with violence, and what can be done to make their cities and neighborhoods safer.

The main findings of this study show that women and girls in the public spaces of all selected areas in all three municipalities in Albania face numerous forms of harassment, particularly verbal. Moreover, almost half (44%) of all respondents have a friend or family member who has been subjected to sexual harassment or other forms of sexual violence. From the analysis of data it also turns out that violent acts against women and girls in public spaces (especially verbal sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence) are still largely underreported.

This scoping study was presented for the first time at a launching event organized by IDRA & UN Women on October 25, 2018 in the premises of Hotel Tirana International. Present were representatives of municipalities as part of the study, representatives of civil society, state police and media. The parties expressed significant interest in the overall findings of the study and held a broad discussion on them.

You can find the full report in both languages below:

Sexual HarassmentGBV -2018 ALB_0.pdf

Sexual HarassmentGBV- 2018 ENG_1.pdf