IDRA Research & Consulting has been contracted by UNFPA Albania to conduct a study which focuses on supporting family-friendly policies in Albania, through a policy review and analysis of current statistical data.

This initial “Analysis on Gender Responsive Family Friendly Policies in Albania”, a result of desk policy scan and data analysis, aims at providing an overview of the current legal, economic, and social context for gender responsive family friendly policies in Albania.

IDRA experts noted the latest legal improvements accompanied by an in-depth analysis of statistical indicators over the last 10 years to understand the current situation and context of the country

Another important part of the study was the identification of best practices from other countries in the region and beyond

The utmost purpose of this Analysis is to help the policy decision makers, the private sector, and the broader audience to initiate a public discourse and identify potential policy changes that need to be addressed to enable a more family friendly environment in Albania, that will support women participation in labor market and increase men involvement in family life by challenging collective stereotypes and stimulating public support for the much-needed transformations.        

The presentation of this Analysis was made today by UNFPA and IDRA Research & Consulting in partnership with the Albanian Parliamentary Commission for Labor, Social Affairs and Health and Sub-Commission for Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence against Women.  

Expanding Choices Data Analysis FF Policies Eng.pdf

Expanding Choices Legal Analysis FF Policies Eng.pdf