A new system of classification of salaries, performance appraisal of civil servants and remuneration in public administration according to the best examples in the European Union.

In the framework of IPA 2014 project, “Implementation of Civil Service Reform in Public Administration”, representatives from the Prime Minister Office, Department of Public Administration and the Ministry of Finance and Economy had the opportunity to exchange the best experiences of reforms carried out by their Portuguese colleagues, via a three-day study visit to Lisbon on 15, 16 and 17 July.

The main goal of the visit to the General Directorate of Administration and Public Employment was the introduction with the achievements and challenges of public administration reform and especially the salary reform, human resources management, job descriptions, remuneration system, etc.

There was also, among other things, an exchange of experiences between Albania and Portugal in the field of civil servants recruitment and career development.

This experience will be an added value in terms of the work being done with the support of the European Union. It was the project IPA 2014 "Implementing Civil Service Reform in Public Administration" which made this experience possible.

Project experts, in close collaboration with the Department of Public Administration, are working intensively to further improve the implementation of civil service reform through their expertise and assistance on the salary reform, capacity building of institutions, improvement of human resources management, etc.

The salary system reform, as a very important initiative, will further enhance the skills of public employees, by assessing their ongoing training and ability to get the job done.

For more details on the Project, its goals and ongoing activities please see the link: https://administrata.al/Pages/NewMenu/IPA-2014.aspx