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Are you an expert in Market Research, Economic Growth, Democracy & Governance, Urban Development, Social Issues, Environment, and/or other areas…?

If so, you might consider responding to IDRA’s call for external experts.

IDRA Research & Consulting might seek your expertise in the upcoming projects and assignments.

All individuals with a relevant professional experience of at least 3 (three) years in one of the thematic areas in which IDRA operates, are welcome to register in the database of experts until 28th of May, 2021

About our company

IDRA Research & Consulting is a leading Albanian research and development consulting company with offices in Tirana (Albania), Pristina (Kosovo), and Hue (Vietnam), operating in the region and beyond.

IDRA was established in 2006 in Tirana, as a spinoff from the Institute for Development Research & Alternatives (https://www.idrainstitute.org/en) established in 2000 and has more than 18 years of experience in conducting research and providing technical assistance for more than 300 international and domestic clients.

IDRA offers Insights into why things happen, Foresight to see what lies ahead and Innovative solutions to tackle development problems.

IDRA offers integrated solutions to create, evaluate, transform and improve the products and services with long-term success. With our tailor-made project service using a range of methodologies and approaches we deliver new ideas, practical actions and creative outputs for our clients. 

IDRA Research & Consulting seeks individuals to assist the successful implementation of projects in a personal capacity as experts, in particular but not limited on three main areas of expertise as per IDRA organization structure:

IDRA Advance: IDRA Advance offers a wide range of development consulting services to improve markets, business environment, governance and public services. Our clients include national governments, local governments, international institutions and private companies.

IDRA Research: Offers complete market and opinion research services for private and institutional clients. IDRA Research offers full-scale and high-quality market research services, both quantitative and qualitative, for private clients and institutions.

Our Qualitative research is more concerned with finding the answers to questions about: how much? how many? how often? to what extent? We apply qualitative research to provide our clients with answers that seek to explore their specific needs.

IDRA DiGIS: Focuses on IT systems that collect, manage, analyze, and report data to fulfil specific needs of organizations and businesses. IDRA DiGIS offers services in the area of information technology (IT) systems for data intelligence and GIS.

DiGIS is focused on IT systems that collect, manage, analyze, and report data to fulfill specific needs of organizations and businesses. The IDRA DiGIS team aids the implementation process of developed solutions and the transfer of ownership to the clients with its superior knowledge and experience in data collection and analysis. IDRA plays a particularly important role in introducing innovative programs and mechanism in order to assist clients (both public institutions and private companies) in the implementation process of their projects.


Should you wish to apply and express an interest to become part of our database, please fill in the  Registration Form


Please note that registration in the Expert Database serves to declare your interest in working for us. We do not check your eligibility or any other conditions at that moment and registration does not entail any entitlement to receive assignments.