It starts today! The cycle of online trainings for public administration officials about the Code of Administrative Procedures. This activity takes place in the framework of the project "Implementation of civil service reform across the Public Administration", funded by the EU, with the Department of Public Administration as the main project beneficiary and implemented by an international consortium of companies (PAI; IBF; Expertise France, Ena, and IDRA Research and Consulting).
The project team has prepared a practical and user-friendly manual for the implementation of the Code of Administrative Procedures which aims to clarify and unify the implementation of the provisions of the code by public administration officials in the exercise of public functions. The manual follows the structure of the Code of Administrative Procedures, aiming not only a theoretical interpretation but also a description in the form of a practical “guide” to be used daily by civil servants.
During the next three months, this training cycle aims to prepare with practical knowledge on the Code of Administrative Procedures about 120 public administration employees.
The whole training cycle is organized with an innovative approach to both the training methods process and the evaluation method.
Enriching the LMS system of the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) with e-curricula on the Code of Administrative Procedures is an approach that applies not only for the difficult period of COVID-19 but also for the ongoing training and professional development of civil servants.